Life As A Teenager

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26 October
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I was born in a small town in Indiana called Bloomington, home of the college of my dreams, Indiana University. My birthfather lives there (and works at IU), with his two children (my half-sisters) Evelyn, 6, and Charlotte, 4 1/2, and his wife. I currently live in Arizona with my mom and step-dad. I attend Valley Vista High School, (GO MONSOON! :D). I get pretty good grades, A's and B's. The electives I am taking currently are Theatre :D, and choir. But next year I am quitting choir to take either dance, so i can get the other half of my PE credit, since PE is only half a year, or I am going to take a language (either french or spanish, spanish would be more helpful.) I hope one day to be either a professional writer, or a singer/songwriter/actress. Those are pretty big dreams and I'm working hard to get there. :D